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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Brandon Davies plays played for the BYU Basketball team. A team with a chance to make big noise in the upcoming March madness Tournament.

BYU is a religious institution and has an "Honor Code" that all students must sign. The code requires, among other things, that students live a chaste and virtuous life, participate regularly in church services, use clean language and abstain from alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tea and coffee.

Now, it appears, Mr. Davies had pre-marital sex with his girlfriend.

He did not cheat on his tests. he did not have contact with an agent (an NCAA violation), he was not caught with a loaded firearm. He had sex with his girlfriend.

Now, BYU has not revoked his scholarship. He was allowed to cut down the net with his teammates after the team won a share of the MWC title.

There seems to be this huge outcry that Brandon has been treated poorly and many have asked "why should he lose his place on the team for just having sex"?

WHY? Because he signed the Honor Code. he took a scholarship to play at BYU and that means following the rules.

I am sorry, I disagree with those calling for this situation to be reversed. Where I work, there are rules. I sign a document that lists the rules. If I am caught surfing porno sites on my company computer during company time, I can get fired.

Is looking at porn on the web illegal? Nope.

Is my being fired a larger consequence than being taken off the team? Yes. Because I am not paid - remember Davies still gets his scholarship and can continue to get his education.

Are the rules strict? Sure they are, But BYU is a Church-run institution and they set up these rules. Want to have sex? Want to drink a Pepsi or a coffee? DO NOT GO TO BYU and especially, DO NOT TAKE THE SCHOOL'S MONEY TO GO THERE!


Charlie Sheen got fired from "Two And A Half Men". Gee, I thought he got fired weeks ago.

I wonder if Martin Sheen sits at home and weeps "Why did it have to be the son that looks like me. No one ever remembers that Emilio is my son, hell he does not even use my last name...why did he not go off the tracks?"

Other than that, I think everyone loses in this situation. Charlie is a kook, no doubt. But it seems he has only missed one day of rehearsal during the whole episode. A #1 show bites the dust. All the people who work on the show are now S.O.L. Everyone loses.


9 Of Your Sparks

  1. Jay Says:
  2. I'm fine with BYU's honor code and all that type of stuff. Lots of private schools with religious affiliations have similar honor codes. As do military schools.

    My problem is that I don't for one second believe that Davies is the ONLY person on that campus having premarital sex. It just so happens that the one who gets publicly singled out is the black basketball player?

    Also, he was apparently ratted out BY A TEAMMATE!! Come on. Honor codes have to cover someone being a snitch too. heheh ;-)

  3. Charlie is certainly spiraling.

    I've got a sneeking hunch that fame is a cruel mistress.

    The network is the one who pulled the plug and let the show go down the tubes.

    Oh, and syndication? Lotsa dough to go around.

    ....I don't wanna go to BYU.

  4. Ken Says:
  5. I think Charlie's going to be fine.

  6. Travis Cody Says:
  7. It's all about choices. Make a choice to go to BYU and sign the honor code. Then make a choice to break the rules and accept the consequences.

    The positive thing about BYU is that the university evidently is consistent in applying consequences and equally consistent in extending forgiveness. I read that several athletes have been suspended under similar circumstances, then come back the following seasons to play again for their respective teams.

    I don't agree with some of the specifics of the BYU honor code, but I do have tremendous respect for the way the university applies it.

  8. You pick the school, you know the rules, you pay the price if you violate them. Seems pretty straight forward to me. I mean, for cryin' out loud! This is BYU; if anyone's going to have the strictest code of conduct rules, it's gonna be the Mormons. Everyone knows that. Sheesh.

  9. CiCi Says:
  10. It doesn't matter if any of us agree with the rule as we aren't the one who signed the contract. If you can legally sign a contract, you are giving your word to abide by the contract. How good is your word?

  11. Dianne Says:
  12. I didn't realize he was turned in by a team mate until I read Jay's comment
    that's suspicious isn't it

    you're right about honoring the contract
    as ridiculous as it seems to me

    coffee and sex make the world go round ;)

  13. Unknown Says:
  14. OMG, the Charlie Sheen comment was so funny! LOL! Miss you.

  15. Unknown Says:
  16. You're right - I went to a Christian school and I followed their rules. Other kids didn't and it made me wonder - why go to a school and not follow their rules? While having sex before marriage may not seem so bad to some, to this school it is, and once he signed the Honor Code he was bound to it.


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