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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So, Dancing With The Stars has begun again and I really should not be giving it publicity since I know it takes some live ears away from MOTC, but as our resident Dance Guru, TRAVIS from "Trav's Thoughts" has already stated, this is a real good cast.

There aren't any real unlikeables (at least for me) as there have been in seasons past. This DJ guy, who the heck is he anyway? And who knew a wrestler could be so darn agile and light on their feet?

But I am really here just to tell you that the aforementioned Travis is doing his two posts a week on the show. First giving his opinion of what happened on the dance floor and also from the judges. He is not shy to poo-poo their scores and comments.

Then he gives you some insight into what happened during the results show and searches the internet for videos in case you did not see the dancing.

Check it out.

Learned how to get a ton of phone calls during MOTC. Bring on a 13-year old guitar player and the girls call in! Actually, Matthew Davidson might be 13, but he is very mature and well spoken and I enjoyed our chat. Remember, you can check it out in the archives.

My second guests, Bryan and Ben from the band Grand Marquis were great guys and I am looking forward to seeing them play live again when they do a gig on Sunday in Memphis.



The sun will shine again...the grass will be green, the sky a deep rich blue. The sound of a ball smacking the leather of a glove which emits an aroma of oils that have been rubbed into it to mold it to the hand.

The crack of a bat as it connects perfectly with a ball coming in at 90moph, nothing harder in sports...round ball, round bat,less than 2 seconds to see it, decide what the pitch is, swing, don't swing, a blink of the eye and it is over.


Baseball is back in


9 Of Your Sparks

  1. DrillerAA09 Says:
  2. The grandson starts baseball next week. WooHoo!!!!

  3. Travis Cody Says:
  4. There's 161 games to be played after that first one on opening day. But even with that long stretch of season ahead, there's still something special about that first one.

    All things are possible, and every team has a chance. Let's play!

    And thanks for the shout. I appreciate it, even though mine are two of the live ears pulled away on Mondays.

  5. DRILLER: YAY...step-son plays HS and they have been playing already, lousy weather though

    TRAVIS: Exactly Sir. That first game is so special. But I know I have your two ears on Sunday! Though I do miss your chat contributions on Monday.

  6. BeckEye Says:
  7. I never watch DWTS, but I'm obligated to now that my man Hines Ward is on.

  8. ...not only is the ball round, and the bat round, but the ball must be hit SQUARE...Go Giants!!

  9. Jay Says:
  10. I guess there's no way to stop baseball season now? Dang. ;-)

  11. BECKEYE: Obligations must be taken seriously

    JAY: Heathen

  12. Dude! It's still HOOPS season! You KNOW what I'll be doing on Saturday. :)

  13. That young guitarist? YOWSAH!


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