Today I feel so old...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Because the twins turn 21 today!

Candice and Joe are my sister Lynn and hubby Kevin's children. Both through IVF and both premature, they both proved they are fighters and continue to do so today.

Joe is a top swimmer for the University Of Scranton.

Candice has become Gluten-Free to deal with issues she has had for years. She is even blogging about it and you can read about her adventures and recipes. You should turn any friends who are Gluten-Free onto her.

I stole this picture, just a second ago, from Candice's Facebook page...L-O-V-E IT!

SO Happy Birthday Candice & Joe...y'all make every one of your family and friends proud to know you each and every day.

9 Of Your Sparks

  1. Schmoop Says:
  2. Happy Birthday to the Dynamic Duo. Cheers Vin!!

  3. LAC Says:
  4. Happy birthday to them. How cool that your nephew goes to school just 25 minutes north of me! Now, the question has to be asked... is he an Office fan? ! :P

  5. Unknown Says:
  6. Happy Happy Birth Birth Day Day!!

  7. It's a bit disconcerting when our nieces and nephew grow older. I remember babysitting mine, and now they are parents in their own rights. It's weird. My youngest nephew (on my side of the family) is now 25 and a 2Lt. in the USArmy. Seeing him as an adult is strange because until three years ago, I had not seen him since the age of 5, and he was still five in my mind's eye.

    I hope your niece and nephew have a wonderful day and that all of their dreams come true!

  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. Love your post! Thank you! You feel old; how about me? It seems like yesterday that they were born. Where has the time gone?

    Lisa--Candice and Joe both go to the University of Scranton and neither of them are Office fans!

    Thanks again for the special post. Love you lots!

  10. Dianne Says:
  11. my "baby" is going to be 38 in 2 weeks!!
    talk about feeling old

    the twins are adorable at any age

  12. Anonymous Says:
  13. Happy Birthday Joe & Candice!

    My love your not old, that would make me almost old. :0)

  14. Travis Cody Says:
  15. Happy Birthday to the kids! Best wishes for a safe celebration of The Big 2-1.

  16. Unknown Says:
  17. I didn't feel old until Bethany got her driver's permit last month!


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