It is not over

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Yes, we took down the man behind the devastating murders some 10 years ago, but that does not mean it is over.

Today, the cells of the terror organizations are so splintered and kept so contained that who knows what is out there, across the street or up the block.

This is not to say we need to live under our beds and never come out.

It just means we have to continue watching and continue hunting down anyone who is a threat to our country.

For yesterday and today and the week to come, those who were directly impacted by those murders can rejoice.  But while doing so, let's just keep our eyes and ears open

8 Of Your Sparks

  1. Schmoop Says:
  2. Oh Hell, it'll never be over but neither will the ideological war that takes place between Americans that could very well be more devastating than any radical group that is overseas. Cheers Vin!!

  3. You're absolutely right, Vinny. I was glad that the President included that in his statement last night. I think we're going to see so many people say, "OK, we got Osama. Bring all the troops home." That, unfortunately, can't happen. The numbers can easily be reduced.

  4. Unknown Says:
  5. cut off the top, it grows back stronger...

  6. Mike Golch Says:
  7. Al-quida,just hates america and wants it destroyed.they will not give up nor will we.

  8. LAC Says:
  9. I fear they will retaliate with a deeper hatred. I am not happy to be flying next week. Just sayin'!

  10. Ken Says:
  11. We trained these sons o' bitches. Took them out of the desert and showed them how to fight us! "We" are to blame!

  12. MATT-MAN: Very true Sir

    SOUTHERN: It is beginning already

    PHFRANKIE: Very true also

    MIKE: yup yup

    LISA: We just need to be aware


  13. Joseph Says:
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