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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Long week out in California. Got to spend a few hours with my Fraternity brother Jaime, his son Taylor and girlfriend Krista. He let me read a treatment for this thing that would take place on the web and it was very cool...

Got home around 7pm Saturday night and spent the weekend catching up with all the stuff we had around here. Was a good weekend for it as Peter was with a buddy on a near-by lake for the whole time.

Grilled both days... Sunday a couple of filets and some portobello mushrooms and thick sliced Vadalia onions on the grill - BAM!

Yesterday was some fantastic wings marinaded in a sesame-teryaki-habanero marinade I concocted.

What did y'all do for the weekend?

This week I will be slammed with billing at work. UGH...hate these weeks.

Check out last evening's show...4 cool guests with good sounds.

That is all...

4 Of Your Sparks

  1. Our weekend was relaxing. Took some leisurely drives around the Valley, and did some eating and watching videos. It was family time. I think it was decompression from the hectic school year. Our weather was cooperative, too, which is strange for this time of year: coolish and breezy.

    I tried listening to the show last night (just after air time), but about 10 minutes in, my computer crashed. I'm still having issues; I'm borrowing a computer now. Have no fear, though; next week I cross in to the Dark Side: I'm getting my Mac PowerBook!

  2. Unknown Says:
  3. Welcome back, sir!

    Would loved to have seen you here. Perhaps next time.

  4. Travis Cody Says:
  5. Not much happening out this way, other than a full day of vehicle repairs on Saturday. I didn't do them...just had to wait for them to be finished and pay for them.

  6. Mimi Lenox Says:
  7. Sounds like a great visit with fraternity bro. You are a master cook. I so envy that.


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