Monday and a new week begins

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, June 20, 2011

Picked up Matt on Friday and we spent the weekend attending 4 of Peter's baseball games around some time spent over food including...his favorite, ribs on Father's Day.

Also spent some time watching the US Golf Open, something I have always enjoyed on the F.D. Weekend.

Writing this before Rory takes the course for his final round. Hoping he has screwed his head on straight. I do think it is cool with the crowd chanting "RORY RORY," reminiscent of the calls for the other guy who was not to be seen this year. Peter asked, "Do you think Tiger is watching?" My immediate answer was "Not a chance."

Seriously, I know times are busy...and y'all can't always listen, but if you want to check out a show, tonight' should be a blast!


MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2011

10pm Eastern; 9pm Central; 8pm Mountain; 7pm Pacific

Archived on Tuesday morning and forever HERE

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This week:



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Beth McKee performed with the sensational New Orleans based country-cajun group Evangeline, she is now out on her own with the 2009 release "I'm That Way," a tribute to legendary Louisiana songwriter Bobby Charles, best known for his hits See You Later Alligator and Walking to New Orleans.

L.A. Weekly raved her piano playing is, “worthy of some Jerry Lee Lewis arson.”

McKee is close to dropping her new album (working title "Hopeful Heart"), which I said to be ‘original songs of journeys, love, loss, hope and being on the verge...all wrapped in McKee's sassy southern styles and is out doing the touring thing.

I get to chat with Ms. McKee and discover her history and her desires moving forward.

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Then good friend, Victor Wainwright, will take his seat on The Couch for the second time, to celebrate the release of the new Victor Wainwright & The Wildroots album, "Lit Up."

This is a winner folks. As I wrote, "On 'Lit Up,’ Victor Wainwright and the Wildroots take you on a joyous aural journey from the back porches of the Georgia hills to the bayous of Louisiana, with stopovers in the jazz clubs of New Orleans, the R&B clubs of Memphis & Chicago and juke joints throughout the world…What you get from Victor Wainwright is ever single atom of his soul. With 'Lit Up,' Wainwright proves he deserves to be in the same sentence with the great blues-boogie piano players of today. Victor also shows the range of vocal-stylings he has mastered; leading juke joint call and repeats, channeling the great soul singers of all time and growling the blues.”

Victor and I will play cuts from the album and talk about the recording process and what is next for the Wildroots.
 Just hanging at the 2011 Blues Music awards

We will take your calls and questions for both guests at 1.347.633.9400.

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8 Of Your Sparks

  1. Ken Says:
  2. Have a great week Vinnie, it's almost summer!

  3. Dianne Says:
  4. sounds like a great Dad's day :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.  
  6. I was hoping Rory would either shoot 62 and set records that would never be broken or shoot 82 and give me something to enjoy. He did neither so the final round was a bit boring. Oh well.

    - Jay

  7. ...that's alot of baseball...and I love baseball.

  8. MICKEYT: Today it IS summer


    IWS - JAY: LOL always looking for something to change ain't cha?

    PHFRANKIE: Me too!

  9. I was sitting on MY couch, enjoying YOUR couch and your guests, when BAM! my router crapped out and kicked me off. Sigh......I promise to do better about attending live. In the meantime, I will check out the archive.....

    So glad you got to spend Fathers' Day with your son enjoying the things that you love. :)

  10. SONGBIRD: Wondered where you went. Hope you do check archives and hear Beth and Victor's new music


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