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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Go to a hockey game, your team loses...so RIOT! Sure some of the idjits who were in the riot had not even gone to the game...

It appears this 17-year-old member of the Canadian junior water polo team WAS there for the game as he is wearing a Canucks jersey.

This athlete then joined the rioters and decided "Wow, wrecked police car, let's see if we can blow it up!"

Freakin dumb idjit....

What if the car had exploded and people were injured or killed? Would his teary eyed apology mean a damn thing?


Not surprisingly, this has become more than what the law is going to do to those whose images were captured.

The Vancouver Police asked those who were there and videotaped or photographed the incident to post their pictures online along with those from traffic and store camera.

Last week I posted a link to the inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States taken with a high resolution camera.  You were able to zoom in on the face - clear as a bell - of the person in the far side of the last row!

Well, people have been recognized and they are taking a beating ONLINE!

Some ore examples..A UBC student photographed leaving Black & Lee Tuxedos with a piece of clothing in her hands has been called out online by one UBC donor, who is threatening to pull his annual donation if she isn’t expelled.

A professional mountain biker, was photographed during the riots with a T-shirt emblazoned with the name of a sponsor. He has since lost multiple sponsorship deals and told The Sun, “I didn’t go there for the riot, I went for the hockey game and got caught up in the hysteria of it afterwards.”

UMMMM yo dude...we's gonna jump in front of that train...wanna get caught up in the hysteria wit us?

With traffic cameras and cell phone cameras and mini recorders, you will get caught...

With the internet...you will be vilified...

Get caught up in THAT hysteria why don't you?

By the way...I had names for the idjits, but why give them any more fame...vilified or not.

12 Of Your Sparks

  1. CiCi Says:
  2. Who needs a Big Brother monitor when so many folks have cell phone cameras and digital cameras? Getting "caught up" in vandalism can and will be shared with viewers worldwide.

  3. Unknown Says:
  4. Yes, public places are now TRULY public places. And private places wind up as public places. My advice: keep a clean nose.

  5. You can't get away with anything these days.

    Also, did he really think he set a car on fire that way? What a dumb ass. That only works in the movies.

  6. TECHNOBABE: Exactly!

    PHFRANKIE: Keeping it clean as much as I can

    IWS: Jay, no you can not. I guess if the rag lit, the fumes may have ignited, but it is like firing a bullet at a car...car does not go boom then either

  7. I'm as big a sports fan as the next guy, but I've NEVER understood this need to riot after a tough loss. If I did that, then the cities of Indianapolis and Cleveland would have been a ravaged by infernos decades ago.

  8. Songbird: even stupider than those who riot after a series win

  9. Lizza Says:
  10. It's baffling; these people saw camera phones pointed at them, but that didn't deter them at all. A number of them even posed for the cameras or bragged about what they did on FB or Twitter.

    Has mob mentality evolved to include the "I don't care who sees my sh*t, I'm such a superstar" attitude?

    That said, I hope these people are given punishments appropriate to the crime committed, and that they make restitution.

    P.S. Hi, Vinny! *waves in a non-riotous manner*

  11. Travis Cody Says:
  12. Mob mentality and a lack of self-control...and a complete disconnect with the concept of consequences. I don't call it a disregard of consequences because so many people seem to totally separate their behavior and its effects.

    We all have the same two options in any given situation...to act or not to act. You can't choose the right one for yourself unless you can connect the dots to what is going to happen once you act...or don't.

  13. LIZZA: Baffling is a perfect word. What were they thinking? OH wait..there was no brain power involved.

  14. TRAVIS: Very true. But I think there is only one choice when others act like fools...don't act.

  15. Coco Says:
  16. Bravo and well-said, Vinny. This was beyond stupid and every single person involved deserves to be held accountable. It's almost impossible to believe that anyone could become so STUPID over a sporting event (yes, I know I used that word already but it's the one that keeps coming to mind) that they lose all sense of right and wrong. How could they possibly justify this kind of behaviour to themselves? I hope every last one of them finds out what it means to be held responsible for their choices.

  17. Maggie Moo Says:
  18. I am always, always confused and disgusted by rioting of any kind. It just does not make any sense at all. I don't even enjoy a good heckling (sp?)...whenever I hear people booing a player, I get sad. Even if they're not on my team, they don't deserve that...


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