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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, August 29, 2011

Spent time this weekend going through the template code and not finding a problem.

Interesting that the home page is messed up as are the posts from Wednesday 8/12, Friday 8/13. Then the posts from Monday 8/22 and Wednesday 8/24 are fine, but Thursday 8/25 is messed up.

I can only come up with one thing in common from the 8/12 post and the 8/25 post and that is, on both of those days I got a long anonymous comment in Russian (it looked like Russian!).

Most of my anonymous comments never get published, as either Blogger catches them or I do. Unfortunately, without comment moderation, these two did get by and they were very long.

I do not know for sure, but it is the only common theme to the breakdown of the template.

It might be time to just select another template, but first, I am turning comment moderation back on (it is set for comments on posts 5 days old or more). Well either that or turning on word verification and I am not sure which I dislike the most.

Comment moderation puts it on me...Word verification puts it on you. SO since it is my blog, comment moderation it is...sorry bout the fact that your brilliant wit will not be immediately available for the world to read! LOL

That does not fix the front page problem, so I am looking to maybe redo the template and see if I can repair the whole thing.

I am also drafting a new look for as it no longer follows the brand standards set for the show on the other media platforms. So much to do...

No show the next two weeks. Tonight my brother, SIL and niece come through Memphis on their way to Wofford College, where Adele will be studying this year. Then next week is Labor Day. But the calendar for the next few months is filling up and then, before you know it, we will have a week-long series of shows for the IBC.

Congrats to the team from Huntington Beach, CA who took home the crown of Little League World Champions for 2011. A great final game against the team from Japan.

See y'all tomorrow.

6 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. Looking forward to the new design! And congrats on the bookings for MOTC.

    BTW, it's Huntington Beach, aka Surf City USA.

  3. Ken Says:
  4. I don't see a code that I have to type........

  5. Ken Says:
  6. ...oh, the approval thingy. OK

  7. LLWS was payback for Japan winning the women's World Cup. Or something like that.

    Anyway, have fun with all the cyber remodeling!

    - Jay

  8. Hey, I thought you set moderation for posts five days old?

  9. Unknown Says:
  10. I just redesigned Voices to hear. I thought it was time for a chance.


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