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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So, if the day I did the "Where's Vinbo" post had not begun the mystery of the web page, I might use that theme again...but


So, where they heck-a-doodle have I been?

Friday got home from work and had promised Webb Dalton, who appeared on the show two weeks prior I would come out and see him play. That afternoon, I heard from Victor Wainwright who asked if I was available to come out and listen to Nick Black, who has been Victor's guitar player on the road. Nick was with his own band and they play more of a Stax/neo-R&B sound.

Nancy agreed to join me so out we went. Nick was fantastic and is booked for the show on November 7th already. Then we went and saw Webb and had a good time there.

Saturday - well, you see , for 10 years Nancy owned her own company. She still had ALL the employee and business records in 6 LARGE boxes. So, seeing as we live in the county, we decided to burn it all due to the bank numbers and employee confidential information.

Five hours of burning on Saturday got me 1/2 way through.

Saturday night - well, you see a few weeks back I made a promise to Nancy that the next time we went out it would be to the movies. She called me on this on Friday so I told her to pick a movie - even a chick-flick if she wanted.

She chose The Help, so that was Saturday night. the movie was very good indeed. A tough story to tell, but it was done very well with great acting.

Sunday was more burning and filling in the hole from the second repair to the water pipe and watching some football games.

Monday, I got home and had my cell phone in my hand and as I reached for my mug of juice the phone slid out and landed perfectly in the mug! I immediately removed it stripped out the battery and dried it off.

YES! I now know I should have put it in rice - anyway I did not and yesterday it was still not working. My upgrade is not for another 8 months, so a new phone is way too expensive.

The phone was put into rice in the morning and hopefully this morning it will be working...if not, I need to find a reconditioned one to keep me connected...

The show Monday was fantastic...check it out if you have not already...think you will enjoy.

So..now, sorry you asked?!?!!?

Oh, right, you didn't ask!

Oh well...

7 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. I tried to ignore it, but you wrote it so...


    You dropped your phone in the juice??


    Thanks for the tip about the rice to dry out a cell phone battery. I shall endeavor to keep my phone away from my juice so as not to need such a remedy.

  3. TRAVIS: I know..it is kinda funny, except for the part where it did not come back to life - man I know people who have dropped theirs in pools, fully submerged for minutes and the dang things work. This was only half submerged for like 3 seconds...Oh well...maybe if I had put it directly into rice instead of waiting 10 hours, things would have been different.

  4. Unknown Says:
  5. Never heard of the rice deal...I wonder if I can remember it...remember what?


  6. Unknown Says:
  7. That sucks about your phone. Nowdays it seems all my life is stored in my phone. Without it I wouldn't remember any phone numbers, my calender...I like the fact that phones are becoming more and more all in one for everything and I look forward to something like Google Wallet catching on so I can carry less stuff, but it all sucks if something happens to your phone.

  8. Amazing. Crackerville jumped in a freaking pool with hers and was able to save it. That's just bad luck Vinnster. But, put it back in the rice and see if it works.

    At least you guys didn't go see "Moneyball." I'm sure it's a fine movie and nice story. Even if it is mostly B.S. as Moneyball never actually worked.


  9. Wait.......you DIDN'T try the rice thing right away, even though we all TOLD YOU that you should have? Vinny, Vinny, Vinny......tsk, tsk.

    Well, I say if you NEED a new phone, then the person who used your upgrade should BUY you a new phone. :-D

  10. Unknown Says:
  11. uh...Phfriday, dude......


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