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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I keep trying to get back into blogging here and getting to your sites to read, and things just keep getting in the way.

There was a time when anything else took a back seat to The Big Leather Couch, but with the show and personal life issues, it now seems to have reversed.

Last week, my work laptop was infected with a virus and had to be sent back to Chicago to be repaired.  That took three days out of my normal routine.

I ended up home for two of them as I could at least access my web mail account and continue to service my clients. 

The show is really picking up steam lately, and I am currently booked until the last week of 2011.  A great thing to be sure, but the constant interaction with musicians and their agents and media people is time consuming indeed.

Add to that the shows that will air during the International Blues Challenge here in Memphis from Jan 31 through February 4 are really keeping me busy.

As acts are winning their local competitions, they are reaching out to me for information on how they can be a guest during their time in Memphis and sending me music I will be able to use during the shows.

Keeping track of it all and beginning to build show outlines is CA-Razy!  Add to that working on getting sponsors is very time consuming.

Luckily a few friends have given me inroads to instrument manufacturers that they are endorsing and my string of emails to any company involved in the music business have resulted in a number of contracts already signed.

At this point it looks like all my expenses are covered, so anything further becomes profit.

And profit is good.

BlogBlast For Peace is November 4th and I am working on my Peace Globe and the post for that day as I am 1,000,000% behind this social event.

I leave for Chicago this morning at like 7am, so it will be a long day for me.  I am there through Friday evening.

I do realize that, with the absence of regular posts, I have lost most of my readers, but when I began this journey almost 6 years ago, it was for me more than anything.

I want to continue to use the Big Leather Couch as an outlet for things non-music related, so I am not going anywhere.

Hopefully, even if my posts are not the 5 days a week as they were for the first four plus years, I will still find that my words are welcome in the bloggosphere.

So, what have you been up to?

10 Of Your Sparks

  1. katherine. Says:
  2. Oh you know...just trying to get my life back.

    Been keeping track of you via Reader. Hope you and your bride and all of your boys are well.

  3. Jeff B Says:
  4. Your words are always welcome.

    I understand about taking a break. I did it for over a year.

    Good to hear biz is good. It's a good problem to have.

    Be well and we'll see you when we see you.

  5. DrillerAA09 Says:
  6. Hmm...MacAfee tells me your site is risky to visit. What's life without a little risk. Glad to see things are going well and you're keeping busy. I've been in and out of the blogging mood lately as well. Best wishes my friend.

  7. Unknown Says:
  8. No worries, mate.

    'sall good.

    Every little ting, gonna be alright...

  9. Hi Vinny, So glad to hear your radio show is taking off. I really enjoy listening to it when I get a chance. Most of the time its about 2 a.m. I always wondered how people could keep up with blogging on a daily and/or even weekly basis. I started a blog and I think I posted twice I couldn't fit it into my day and I'm a writer. :) Enjoy Chicago, it's one of my favorite cities and I look forward to hearing you on the radio.

  10. Travis Cody Says:
  11. We work. We eat. We hang out. We watch football and dancing. We record other stuff on DVR. We visit with friends.

    That's our days. It's a good life, it is.

    Congrats on the success with MOTC. We try to download the show on the weekend when we can relax and give it the time it should have.

  12. And don't forget you should be using sites like Digg, Stumble Upon and Reddit to market the show. It's kind of hard to figure out how many actual show plays we get from them, but we're getting oodles and oodles of hits on the blog from Reddit.

    Have fun in Chicago.


  13. Lisa Says:
  14. It seems to be the cycle...when life picks up, blogging slows down. I think that's great, though we all miss the people we used to read.

    I have you in my reader and whenever I see a new post, I read...I do try my best to come by to say hello. I know how lousy it feels to have no comments...so I try. It doesn't mean I love you less!!

    Congrats on the success of your show. That's amazing!!

  15. CiCi Says:
  16. Glad you are doing well and busy and did I hear the word profit in there somewhere. Good.
    We are all on a journey and need to make the best of our lives as we see fit. Blogging has done a job for me as well and now I am enjoying my blog just for me. I read your posts, don't comment much, but I like to know how things are going with you.

  17. My life can pretty much be summed up in two words: marching band.


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