Five On Friday - Times are a changin'

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, November 18, 2011

The times they are a changin'

I was sitting here at lunch yesterday (or today as I type this - yesterday as you read it), and going through my sidebar, looking at the blogs I have tended to ignore lately as my time is so limited and realized how many of them are static...

It made me think back to a short two years ago when every single one of them had content updated daily.

Now, these people are on Facebook and Twitter and all their content goes there...the instant (or almost instant) gratification of those two mediums.

No more thought out posts about their lives or their world, which allowed us all to become closer to each other.

We shared good times and bad...shared world events and local items of interest.

The times they are a changin'

Sure those things are still shared, but in short blasts 140 - 200 characters... sometimes it feels so superficial...

Remember when blogging was a HUGE deal..."WOW...I have friends all over the world, look at my map, see where they come from to read what I have to say"

There were cool events like the Bestest Blog Carnival, Creative Photo Contests, daily memes like Wordless Wednesday and others...many blogs all with the same themes on the same days.

We still have Blogblast For Peace, because Mimi is a strong woman and has a cause she loves - as do many of us.

And, of course, then it also hit me. Look at this place. Two posts a week, when for the first 4 plus years it was 5 a every weekday - without fail. Then Music On the Couch came along and that began to take my time.

The times they are a changin'

Now, I am on Facebook and do use Twitter, but not all day every day. If you can only be on Twitter every hour or two during the day, it loses meaning as you can not track all the 140 word blasts being sent throughout the world.

I saw that Mick stated on his blog that "The significance of this blog is rapidly waning."

I feel the same about The Big Leather Couch...but in other ways I can not let go. This place has been such a part of my life for 5 years and 8 months.

Can I just put it to rest? I don't think I can...but maybe at some point it will happen.

The times they are a changin'

Is part of it that I feel I might lose touch with some people? Hell, some came to my wedding; Mick, Phfrankie...and it was the first time we had ever met in person. Some are long time friends who I would do anything for; Songbird, Travis, Julie...and I have never met them AT ALL!

Is that my fear?

Some people, well I have just lost touch with them because they stopped blogging or coming here on the few days I do I miss them? Honestly, not all, but some I do miss.

LOL. So I just stopped writing and clicked on Maggie Moo's old site. She started a new blog a time ago and I can not remember the url and it was one I never put on my sidebar. And what do I find, but a post from 3 weeks ago stating she is now engaged. WONDERFUL news for a special person. (HA I just figured out the new url and went over and read some posts).

The times they are a changin'

So there you have it...I miss the old blogging days, but they are never coming back...I miss some of the old gang...I am not sure if The Big Leather Couch means anything any longer, but I can not let it go...

So, for are stuck with me

And that leads me to my set for today...

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10 Of Your Sparks

  1. Ken Says:
  2. Certainly isn't what it was years ago. It was all so exciting meeting new people. I might just let my blog go. I'll do another but on a different scale ...for the times they are a changing.

  3. Unknown Says:
  4. "So, for are stuck with me"

    Atta boy.

    I once heard five versions of Girl From The North Country played on a radio station.

  5. Lisa Says:
  6. Oh yay!! I got a mention. :) :) :)

    And thank you for your kind words. We're thrilled!!

    I was just thinking about all of this today while getting ready for work. I was thinking how blogging used to be so interactive-comments all of the time, back and you're lucky if people click over at all, let alone to leave a comment. I wondered why people take such care with their templates now b/c half of the time, people don't even see it! LOL...funny how things change, indeed.

    I used to live for blogging. (Not really, but kinda.) Everything was blog worthy and I had STUFF to It's so much harder to find content and posting my life seems too boring. So odd, huh?

    I'm glad you found the new site-I didn't post it publicly on the old one bc there are some people I don't want to follow me...but I'm glad you found it. :)

  7. I'm afraid you are right though a few of us at least try to do one column a week. So move over. I'll come sit on the couch now and then and definitely on FRiday.

  8. Mike Golch Says:
  9. You are stuck me me as well.I might not comment every time I vist,but visit I do.I have you stashed in my reader.and I am not going away any time soon.I value all my EFriends way too much to do that.

  10. Cherie Says:
  11. I've recently been considering my online presence, and it's certain that many on my blog roll have developed new interests, have new jobs, or have new priorities that they've moved away from blogging. But they are new people or different blogs out there. Ones who's owners are just as excited as we ever were. Actually, I'm coming back to regular blogging after a semi-hiatus. It could be that you're right though. I've always been behind the curve on these things.

    However, as I look at what's going on all over the world, I must agree that the the times are indeed a changing, every bit as much as they were when Bob Dylan and Peter, Paul & Mary were originally singing these songs.

  12. Travis Cody Says:
  13. OK, I'll say it.

    I am not interested in Facebook. I am not interested in Twitter.

    I love blogging. I do it for me. I write what I write and I post what I post. If anyone reads...that's whipped cream. If anyone comments, that's nuts and a cherry.

    My blog means things to me and it is relevant to me. That's why I do it and that's why I enjoy it.

  14. DrillerAA09 Says:
  15. I don't do Twitter. I have Facebook to keep up with family. Driller's Place is where I spend most of my energy.
    Like you, the number of comments have dwindled. I used have have at least a dozen comments, regardless of the topic. Now, unless it's a Wordless Wednesday or a Skywatch Friday, my commenters are few and far between.
    I'm still looking forward to getting to Memphis and dinner at Lou's. It WILL happen one of these days.

  16. Mimi Lenox Says:
  17. You said so much of what I've been thinking lately. Blogging has evolved. Ebbed and flowed. Now it seems to be slowly dying, as you said, replaced by instant posts on Facebook and Twitter.

    I cannot let my blog die. I can't. It is the hub of peace globes. It is also my journal and my journey.
    Sometimes joyful, sometimes sorrowful, sometimes pencil skirt, sometimes Mimi. Always mine.

    I'm with Travis. The blog means something to me on a personal level. And I know The Big Leather Couch means a lot to many people - whether you think so or not.

    It WONDERFUL to see how you've branched out and grown into a radio host. The success of your show is phenomenal and you are following your passion.

    The online manifestation of your radio show started with....wait for it....blogging.

    The blogosphere would not be the blogosophere without The Couch.
    Don't even think about it.

  18. Okay, so I became a Facebook convert. I admit it. My addiction came with the arrival of my spiffy smartphone last summer, and posting quickly became too easy. I let my quality writing fall by the wayside over the months, and then I ended up blogging only one a month or so.

    You know me; I live for my kids. Their lives and their activities are what I do. I don't live through them, but I live FOR them, and what they do and how they do it matter to me. They are my responsibility for such a short time, and then they are one their own. I want to make these year matter. And the relationship I have with each of them has been carefully and lovingly nurtured.

    My blog, over the past six years has reflected that. As my children have grown, my writing has changed and grown less frequent but (hopefully) filled with more quality.

    I will not give up blogging just yet, but there may be a time when my writing takes a different venue.


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