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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Peace Globes Galore this past Friday...So many I have not gotten to all but hope to complete the journey over the next couple of weeks.

Trying to keep up here as I get more and more involved with the International Blues Challenge shows coming up Jan 31-Feb 4 on Music On The Couch.

Every day I am in touch with another band or solo/duo act from around the world and they are showing a huge enthusiasm regarding the shows and the opportunity to speak to their fans who can not make the trip to Memphis.

Sorry state of affairs at Penn State. Really sad that Joe Paterno's career might come to an end because he went to the Athletic Director and not the police. Anyone who knew and said nothing need to be charged with an accessory crime in this horrid affair.

Does anyone care if the NBA does not have a season? Not me...

To steal Jayman's line...Houston Nutt went from being a Quarterback killer to a Program Killer...bye bye Nuttsy, glad we can move on without you...

Anyone else think the Patriots have seen better days and that the defensive genius, Bill Belichick has lost some of his powers? Their defense is a shambles and Mr. Brady seems to have lost his luster..

On his AFTERNOON TIME WASTERS yesterday, Brother Richard links to a site where they prove there are only 13 different movie poster themes ...ever! Kind of interesting when you see the list.

Hoping to see Tower heist this week. I liked the trailer and even though some say there are holes in the plot, I also need to support my Fraternity brother James (as he is listed), who was First Assistant Director on the flick. Have you seen it? Are you interested in seeing it?

OK, I hope you can watch this, because it is brilliant!

Enjoy your day....

3 Of Your Sparks

  1. DrillerAA09 Says:
  2. I never much cared for the NBA. No real reason, just never got interested. If Ole Miss. had just come to me, I could have told them that Houston Nutt was NOT a division I, SEC quality, head coach. Never has been...never will be. He didn't ever "kill" a quarterback, he just never developed one. Not a single QB at Arkansas left the program as a better QB than when they entered the program. At one time, Houston was a very good recruiter, but he never could develop talent. He needs to just take his $6m-$8m buy-out and ride off into the sunset.

  3. Dianne Says:
  4. sounds like you're enjoying all the music festival work!!

  5. Travis Cody Says:
  6. That movie poster theme thing sounds like the theory that there are only 5 types of mystery writing, all descended from Edgar Allen Poe, the father of the modern mystery. Lots of different posters out there, and lots of different mystery books, but all based on a narrow field of themes.


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