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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My good friend MIMI of MIMI WRITES is the Meme Queen.

Don't get confused...Mimi Loves Memes...not Memes Love Mimi...though they probably do also

Where the heck was I? Oh yeah, so Mimi came up with this Meme last week..and today i share...

First I had to find out what the heck a Totient Number was...
In number theory, a perfect totient number is an integer that is equal to the sum of its iterated totients. That is, we apply the totient function to a number n, apply it again to the resulting totient, and so on, until the number 1 is reached, and add together the resulting sequence of numbers; if the sum equals n, then n is a perfect totient number.

Get it? ummm I think I do, but all I have to do is answer the questions and not become Einstein or nuttin like that!

In honor of our blog post number #111! The Perfect Totient Meme aka the You-make-me-feel-like-a-natural-number meme. I will demonstrate my spectacular mathematical mind. Be amazed.

1. (1) Name one thing you can't live without.
Simple MUSIC!

2. (1+1=2) Name 2 things you'd rather not do this week.
Go to work...Go to work (does that count as two?

3. (1+1+1=3) Tell me 3 reasons you need a vacation.
1. I deserve one
2. I need the ocean
3. I want to go away with Nancy alone somewhere

4. (11) It is the 11th hour of your life and you have one hour left on Earth. What do you do?
Crank up the music and dive into the Atlantic Ocean

5. (1x1x1=1) Name one thing you'd rather do alone than in a crowd.
Oh no...this is private, that is why I want to not do it in a crowd

6. (111) One hundred (and) eleven is the natural number following 110 and preceding 112 AND a perfect totient number. A perfect totient number is an integer that is equal to the sum of its iterated totients.
What makes the totients so iterated?
huh?????? Someone want to answer this one for me ...

7. (NINE 11) What is your emergency?
Well last night my switchboard would not work and I had to cancel Music On The Couch - emergency enough?

3 Of Your Sparks

  1. Unknown Says:
  2. I like number nine.

  3. Thought you would Phfrankie!

  4. Mimi Lenox Says:
  5. There is no number nine.


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