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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, March 05, 2012

Tonight's Guests are:
  1. Sista Monica Parker, who has recently released her 11th album, Living In The Danger Zone, a sizzling collection of contemporary blues, soul and R&B which has earned her a 2012 Blues Music Award nomination for "Best Soul Blues Female Artist".
  2.  Kenny Lee Lewis, who is a regular touring member, producer and writer for The Steve Miller Band since 1982. Kenny has a new album out with his side-project, The Barfly Bluez Band, entitled Two Ton Kitty. I am excited to explore this great musician's life and share his new music with y'all.
  3. Finally, Danika Holmes takes a seat to share her hew album with us. The album drops on Tuesday, and again I am honored to gt the opportunity to share music before it is available to the public.
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    So much has gone on since I was last putting my thoughts here.  Yes, can be a tad jittery, but your comment gave me hope it will all fall back into place.  Thanks my friend.

    I L-O-V-E Baseball and it has been difficult the last few years with all of the allegations and cases of proven juicing.  Players looking for that edge, which used to be attained by a few more hours in the bating cage or on the field is now attempted through creams and gels and pills and needles full of chemical compounds made from animals, humans and in the laboratory.

    Players have been caught after their career, and even some during their career.  Amazingly players in the minor leagues are continuing to be caught.  These young men who know the consequences these drugs will do to their bodies and to their chance to play the sport they so obviously want to play.

    Then, this off-season the reigning National League Most Valuable Player has his test come back positive.  And not just a little positive, but full-blown "Dude, did you use the spike 5 minutes before you had to pee in the cup" positive.

    I could recap it all, but I do not see the need.

    Mr. Braun, you won. STFU.  and tell your lawyer to STFU.  Alluding to the tester messing with your samples...STFU.  Having your lawyer issue statements after the tester defends himself...STFU.

    You never argued that the tester tampered in front of the Appeal argued the sample was improperly not then come to the public and try and throw the tester under the bus...STFU

    Please...just STFU ad play baseball...


    that is all!

    This summer Nancy and I will be going to New York for a little vacation...That is assured, as we will also attend my 40th High School reunion.

    Amazing...40 years...and in my magic mirror I am still only 26!

    think on that a while....

    3 Of Your Sparks

    1. Mimi Lenox Says:
    2. Glad to see you posting. Tell us what you really think. LOL

    3. Hola Vinny!

      Well, let's not get too carried about the "good old days" when it was just hard work. Pretty much the day after the game of baseball was invented, someone started working on ways to cheat.

      And Ryan Braun really does need to STFU. I'm convinced than ever of his guilt after watching the way he has behaved after his initial press conference.


    4. Travis Cody Says:
    5. Now that's what I'm talking about!

      I agree that Mr Braun needs to STFU. The thing that was funny to me was how he commented that athletes are guilty until they prove themselves innocent. Well, you can't get much more guilty than a positive drug test. No evidence of tampering with the container. His only defense was that the sample wasn't delivered within the allotted time.

      Bonded carrier. Secure, lab approved containment location. No evidence of tampering.

      Getting off on a technicality does not prove innocence. But he got his suspension vacated, so he definitely needs to STFU.


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