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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things that make me go hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Glad I am not a J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS fan..the team is going to be a divided house and it could get fugly for them this year.

So New Orleans will not be in a Super Bowl in their hometown this year. This whole "Bounty-gate" is a smear on the face of the NFL. WHY? because N.O. got caught but they ain't the only ones to play that game.

And the penalties were so heavy because THEY LIED!!!!

Now they want to hire Bill Parcells for the year to take Sean Peyton's place? Peyton's Place...get it ...heheheheheeheh

To me the Commish should say NO to that. They should have to fill the spot from inside the organization or how is it a penalty?

Dancing With The Stars is back and thankfully TRAVIS over at "Trav's Thoughts is doing his weekly posts on it. Monday evenings are impossible for me to concentrate on the show and I find it anti-climatic to watch it on Tuesday's after I have read Trav's insightful commentary.

Mad Men is also back...but I have not seen the first episode of the new season yet...thinking that is on the agenda for Tuesday evening.

Was sad to read that 3 horses died during the filming of Luck, the Dustin Hoffman HBO vehicle. Nancy and I were really enjoying the show and digging on Dustin's gangsta persona.

But this week Game Of Thrones is back.... yes baby!

Joba Chamberlain...huge story when he broke in with my Yankees...and then the story never went any further. The team screwed his head up with those ridiculous "Joba Rules"...then he needs Tommy John surgery (result of the aforementioned "Joba Rules"???)and now, he gets on a trampoline with his son and has a major dislocation of his ankle...the freakin bone was sticking out of the skin! Yup...that is major...wonder if he ever pitches again.

Had the highest rated weekly Music On The Couch last week with guests Roy Howell and Peter Parcek. Both incredible guests and both amazingly talented guitarists.

Show reached #3 for the week... SWEET! Check it out here

3 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. Great news on the show results! Congratulations!

    And thanks for the shout.

    I agree with you that NO shouldn't be allowed to hire outside the organization to replace Sean Payton for the season as head coach. The team broke the rules, lied about it, and got caught. Are they the only ones to pay bounties? Unlikely. But they got caught and lied, so now it's time to take the punishment.

    It sickens me that a player would deliberately try to injure another. It further sickens me that a player would actually take money to do it.

  3. If the Saints promote an assistant to be head coach, then they'll have to hire a new assistant. Individuals who engaged in the bounty program are being punished, but NO still has to be allowed to field a competitive team with a full coaching staff.


  4. TopChamp Says:
  5. oh yeah! New Orleans... woo hoo. (sorry - I realise I'm ignoring the football issues but I don't understand them anyway)


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