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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, July 23, 2012

Just a collection of thoughts about a few of the things that caught my attention the last week...most times I forget about them and you never hear my musings...


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To those who were there, knew someone was there, lost someone at the hands of this maniac in prayers and healing thoughts go out to you.

This person has problems and I wonder if anyone around him realized just how bad they had manifested themselves inside of him.

High time we start following the rule of watching over one's brother.  We are all in this together folks, and if you know someone who is acting irrationally and who just seems to be off, it is better to try and get them some help than ignoring the issue.

Have to say I am thrilled with the way my Yankees are playing this year.

 I am concerned though.

They score way too many runs via the long ball and leave way too many runners on base when the long ball does not arrive.

This will get you through the regular season, but when you hit the playoffs, the pitching just goes up a notch or two.

The statue must come down. There is no way you can sell me the line "Well, if you leave the statue up it will be a reminder of what happened."

Want a reminder of what happened? erect a statue of children in harrowing, cringing poses with the words, "We will not forget."
Well, Sunday morning they did take it down.  Quietly and without incident. Though I am still stunned when they interview a woman who states (paraphrasing here)  This is all being done without any basis...there is no proof...ummm ma'am, beg to differ...please open thine eyes

Then the school needs to penalize itself. I heard a report the football program generates $53-Million/year. Now, I could not confirm that, so let's be conservative for the moment and say $45 Million/year.

This money supports many of the other teams at the school, Teams whose coaches and staff had nothing to do with the atrocities committed in buildings close by.

So, for argument sake, the other sports need to have $20 Million/year to survive. That leaves $25 Million/year.

Let the school make a pledge that for the next 5 years they will give $15 Million/year to accredited charities and support groups for abused children.

Yes, this will cripple the football program for five years, cutting into their budget and causing them to have to make some difficult decisions.

I am not done. Once that five year period is over, the school should commit to continuing to make a yearly donation of $3 Million/year in perpetuity.

Just my me crazy, but there has to be consequences of actions and in this case there was a total breakdown of institutional responsibility...and I am not sure all of the bad news to come out of this has been revealed.
The NCAA is supposed to hold a press conference this morning. Word is they are going to lay out 'unprecedented' penalties.  Unprecedented?  Maybe they will have listened to me - we will see.

 I am not a big fan of the way the NCAA works most of the time.  This time, they got it 1,000% CORRECT!  The sanctions laid out against Penn State appear to be incredibly fair and well thought out to me. I am sure you can find the complete list of sanctions, but the bottom line is:
  • $60-Million fine to be used to endow child abuse organizations nation-wide
  • Reduce 10 initial and 20 total scholarships each year for a four-year period
  • No post-season or bowl games for 4 years
  • Many new oversight committees and rules they will have to adhere to
  • Vacate ALL wins from 1998 until 2011
That last is a real shot at the ex-coach who has been implicated in covering up these atrocities for years (maybe even beyond 1998).

Yes, all in all they got it correct.  Current players can transfer and play immediately (though it will be real tough to find scholarships at this late date for this year) and, the way I understand it, those with scholarships at Penn State can keep them.

Nice collapse Tiger...

Tonight, I am honored to be able to speak with Ms. Lawrence Lebo, a wonderful vocalist from the LA area. Ms. Lebo's latest is entitled Don't Call Her Larry - Vol. 3, a collection of blues tunes sung with style by Lawrence.

Also, Biscuit Miller, the recipient of the 2012 Blues Music Award for Instrumentalist - Other - Bass will be joining me. Biscuit has a new album out entitled Blues With A Smile and it is just fantastic.

And I recently sat with local musician Jack Rowell, Jr. to discuss his laest Sleeping With The Blues. Jack has embraced his roots with this one and he is determined to give the world a chance to hear his tunes.

Tonight, 9pm central streaming live on BlogTalk Radio and then you can check it out forever at the archives at Music On The Couch.

On a final note this week, just finished Brad Thor's latest Scot Harvath novel, Black List. Thor is a great writer if you enjoy intrigue, espionage, the bad guys getting their final due and a quick read.

I have read all of his books - he and Vince Flynn are my go-to guys for a good summer read.

3 Of Your Sparks

  1. So you go with the "Nice collapse Tiger" line even though he was never closer to the leader than 3 strokes all week, but ignore the guy who led the tournament for 90% of the weekend who then bogeyed 15, 16, 17, and 18 to piss away a huge lead lose by one? That's interesting.


  2. Travis Cody Says:
  3. Agreed on the PSU sanctions. I read on Friday that the new coach is thinking about changing the uniforms. I think that's a good step too. Put a clear demarcation line that anyone can see between the old attitudes and a new era with football in its proper place.

  4. Local news did an article on a kid here who decided to sign with Penn State for Linebacker U. He said he wasn't concerned that he wouldn't be able to play in a bowl game because the other schools that had recruited him probably would never make a bow (his assumption), so what he'd rather do was play at a school where they still train good linebackers and he would also get a good education. Plus, you know, the scholarship money is still there and why turn down that? He probably won't have to compete with many to play.

    I, too, think the punishment was just and fair. Now I want to see the university donate big bucks to a foundation for the prevention of atrocities and for the medical and psychiatric care of young abuse victims.


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